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How to Choose Ideal Sized Water Heater/Geyser

This post was most recently updated on April 29th, 2021

Are you planning to buy the best water heater/geyser and don’t know which water heater is best as per your need and space available at your home? Do you want to know about the role of the water heater capacity and the Ideal size of the water heater/geyser to buy? Are you confused about the options and sizes available in the market? If yes then you are at the right place.

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In this post, we will share the ideas to choose the best-sized water heater/geyser so it will suffice the need of your family as well as keep your electricity bills low also. Because buying oversized water heater/geyser will result in wastage of electricity and water both and will unnecessarily increase your electricity and water bills. On the other hand, buying a small-sized water heater/geyser may not suffice the need of your family.

Things to keep in mind while choosing an ideal water heater/geyser:-

  • Size of your family
  • Number of bathrooms in your house
  • Your geographical location (hot or cold weather)
  • Type of use (Wash utensils/bucket bath/shower bath/tub bath)
  • Space available at your Bathroom
  • Longevity of geyser
  • Energy saver

Why we should buy an ideal sized water heater/geyser?

While buying water heater/geyser the first question arises in our mind is, does size matters? And the answer is, yes, the size of the water heater/geyser matters a lot. The next question arises will be, what should be an ideal size for water heater/geyser? Well, it depends upon the size of your family. This means the number of people using the water heater/geyser.

It is observed that if people use the bathroom one after the other then one person consumes 15 to 25 liters of water in bucket bath, 25-35 liters in shower bath and 35-50 liters of water in Tub bath in a day. To wash utensils, normal consumption of water is 5 liters per person per meal. For washing clothes, approx 10 liters of water are required per person per day.

What should be the ideal water heater size?

Choose a water heater as per your location. Input water temperature will affect the size requirement of the water heater. And after all the calculation of hot water required for your family, you can decide what size geyser you required for your house.

If you have two bathrooms in your house then there can be situations that two persons may use bathrooms and geyser simultaneously. In that case, you should go for the double capacity of a water heater/geyser.

If your water heater is instant then you can buy a small-sized water heater. It will not take too much time to heat up water for the next family member to use.

Ideal water heater size for South Indian locations

If you belong to a location where normal water temperature is not very low especially the southern part of India, then you will have to buy a water heater/geyser with a capacity (water heater capacity) of 10-15 ltrs ( geyser 10 liters and geyser 15 liters) for a bucket bath, 15-25 liters ltrs ( geyser 15 litre and geyser 25 litre)  for shower bath and 25-35 liters ltrs ( geyser 25 litre and geyser 35 litre)  for Tub bath. And for utensils 1-3 Ltrs ( geyser 1 liters and geyser 3 litres)  water heater is enough.

Ideal water heater size for South Indian locations

If you belong to the northern part of India where normal water temperature is very low, then you should go for some bigger sized water heater with more water heater capacity. You will have to buy a water heater with a capacity of 15-25 liters (geyser 15 liters and geyser 25 liters) for a bucket bath, 25-35 liters (geyser 25 liters and geyser 35 liters)  for shower bath and 35-50 liters (geyser 35 liters and geyser 50 liters)  for a tub bath. For utensil wash, you will require not less than 3-5 liters water heater.

Best Water heater size as per space available at your Bathroom.

Nowadays the average size of bathrooms is too small. We all like attached bathrooms in our house and it results in very little space for everything.

Hence, if your bathroom is small and doesn’t have much space then you should go for small-sized water heaters. The instant water heaters are small in size and are best suited for such bathrooms.

If you have much space in your bathroom then only you can go for a storage water heater/geysers.

Longevity of geyser

The longevity of a water heater/geyser depends upon the quality of the input water available. The percentage of salt in water is high in some places and it causes scaling and reduces the life of coils in a water heater.

In this case, the instant water heaters last longer than storage water heaters as storage geyser water heaters can decompose.

But these days a water heater has good quality coils inside and can easily last for more than 20 years.

To increase the longevity of your water heater/geyser you should know how to use the geyser guide. Soon we will upload a user guide about “How to use geyser”.

Advantages of choosing Ideal sized geyser-Energy saver

A right-sized water heater/geyser has many advantages. Let’s have a look at the advantages of choosing optimum sized geyser.

  • You will save electricity as an appropriate amount of energy will be consumed by geyser for a purpose if the geyser is of optimum size. Optimum sized geysers are energy savers.
  • As water will be at optimum temperature at all times in right-sized geysers so it will take lesser time to get hot. You will save time.
  • The longevity of your geyser will be increased as you will run your geyser for the right amount of time.
  • You will suffice the need of your family with the worth price and compatible with your bathroom and requirement

In this article, we gave you an idea about how to choose the right sized water heater/geyser for your house. In the next article we will share with you the list of best water heaters to buy with their all pros and cons.

Also, we will share a comparison between the instant geyser and the storage geyser. That will give you a better idea about which one is better between two types as far as time and energy consumption is concerned.

This will give you a chance to explore all the best products to buy as per your needs. Subscribe to our newsletter and get notification about our next valuable posts.

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